Monday, July 27, 2009


Well last Thursday, I woke Nathan up and he had thrown-up in his crib. He was not fussy or anything, but none the less, we stayed home all day in our jammies and called it a, "sick day". He also had the "runs or mud butt (da-da calls it)" all day and pretty much the day after. He is getting another tooth, so we are not sure if it was a combo or he was just sick? His poor little buns were as red as could be and he screamed every time I had to change his diaper, which was about every 45 minutes. So we kept him drinking lot's of fluids and eating very bland foods.

I am not sure if this is just a "Stage" but for about a week, Nathan has not been the best eater. He has been such a good eater until this point. Now he will only eat waffles, eggs, turkey & cheese sandwiches and fruit...or anything sweet. This is just stressing me out!!! I have made a few pasta dishes that he usually loves, but now he refuse's??? He has got to the point where he will see the food and refuse to take a bite, not even knowing what it is. If I manage to trick him him taking a bite, he will spit it out right after it is in his mouth. Man this kid???? I am hoping this is either a stage or because he was sick and he is getting a new tooth. So here is to getting creative with food.

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