Monday, July 13, 2009

If looks could speak Spanish....

Yesterday was our weekly run to the grocery store to get everything ready for the week. Since being gone so long back home, we were in need of some major grocery items. We headed to Costco to get a few "American" items that are kinda hard to come by here. I was so excited to get some blueberries (Nathan's favorite) and ravioli, salad...I won't bore you with the list of items. We were cruising around and it was nice because we went there pretty early in the morning before ALL the Mexicans got out of church and CROWD Costco. We waited in line, checked out our items, ALL except the RAVIOLI'S. I guess there was no bar code on them, so they were unable to scan them. The cashier sent a worker to go get the price, so she went to the managers station and attempted to look up the price (not sure why she wouldn't just go get another one which would have been faster) and came back with no price. She then walked SLOWLY to locate the raviolis to get a package with a bar code. During these, probably 7 minutes, there was a older Mexican lady who was to be next in line. As we were waiting patiently, she was NOT! She asked with a huge attitude if Steve would just pay for everything and let her go through and then pay again for the raviolis. For those that don't know, we get a international charge for using our visa at Costco. So Steve had explained to her the situation and that he was sorry but he was not going to be able to accommodate her and that he too was waiting. She got very upset by this and started to plea with Steve, "Porfavor, Porfavor" (with an attitude). Steve responded (in Spanish), "It is not like she went to China to get them, she will be right back. We are waiting as well". This got her very upset and her response was, "China-shmina (with a snobby nose look)". So I was over with Nathan and the cart and I could hear what was going on but, since my Spanish is not very good, and certainly not good enough to argue with the lady, I made eye contact with her and gave her a stare down like none other. I locked eyes with her and gave her a look like, "Lady, you better calm down or else". She kept her eyes locked on mine, staring me down. Trying not to laugh, I sighed and mumbled something under my breath and did the whole, 'snobby nose raise' right back at her and looked away. Her response, she made a childish face, hahaha!!! I was laughing! It was great because I have had wayyyyy to many of these incidents in Mexico and I was NOT having it on my Sunday shopping day.

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