Monday, August 24, 2009


The before and after shots of the backyard...and Nathan!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Missing money, clam chowder, weeds

Well Friday morning, Nathan and I woke up and went to Starbucks and then Walmart for a few things. I got home and had a message from our Bank (Bank of America), stating they have had some unusual activity on our account. I called the bank and I guess someone (Mexican) took my debit card number and withdrew about $700.00 (that is our daily limit). I was pissed and very nervous that they were going to have to close my account and I would have no money until I went back home. I talked to the bank and long story short, they can put a hold on my card and when I need to take money out of our account, I will have to call and request to use the card. I attempted this later that afternoon, but was not aware that they took out the limit for the day, so I was not able to get any money...I had 20 little less than $2 cash! Not to worry, I went the next morning and was able to withdraw some cash. So, Nathan and I won't have to stand on the corner and beg for money until Steve gets home.

Last night, my friend, Lexie invited us over for some clam chowder. I have always wanted to try it out every time we are by the ocean, but have never had the chance or guts to, hahaha!! So I informed her that I have never had chowder before and will see how it goes. We arrived and her house smelled soooo good, so that was a very good sign! Nathan had a blast playing with her 2 kids (5yr & 3yr). He really loves kids and I am sure he gets his social abilities from his dad. So, we sat down to eat and the chowder was amazing!! I couldn't even tell there were clams in the soup, it was that good! So next time we are at the beach, I think I might order up a bowl?

Today I finally tackled the backyard that had turned into a jungle!! Since it is raining season the grass just grows like crazy!!! When I was gone in July, Steve took care of the backyard, so I thought it was my turn to get the weed whacker out and go to town! So I was all ready with my shoes, socks up to my knees, hair pulled back and then...the whacker was broken!! So I took it apart and re-threaded the spool of plastic thread (the whacker part) and started to go to town on the backyard. I was very proud that I fixed it, not only once, but twice!!! So the backyard is all back to normal...nice and green too! Never knew weed whacking could be so hard on your back and arms???

Monday, August 17, 2009

Park, Bath and Blueberry Muffin

Yesterday I took Nathan to the park. I usually will put him on the swing and hold the back of his shirt, so he won't fall. So I was holding on tight to his shirt and he started to kick his legs back and forth. I let go of him and there he was swinging away all by himself! So I guess he swings but he won't walk on his own yet?

As I was giving Nathan his nightly bath I had realized that it has been way too long since his last bath photos. So I took some of the little guy, during his 'bath'a Time'.

We went to Starbucks for my morning cup of energy and I got the little guy a blue berry muffin for a treat! I decided this time to just give it to him whole and he can take bites from it. Bad idea on my part! He took really BIG bites and it crumbled everywhere and made a huge mess...but Nathan did enjoy it!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pictures that I have been meaning to post

Nathan's Swim class
Nathan's swim buddy, Luca


Hanging out at the zoo, watching the singrays

Nathan's new little seat

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Showing off my swim skills

Today we, both Steve and I, got to take Nathan to his mommy & me swim class. Nathan was really excited to show his dad all his swim skills. He was so excited that at times I had to get Nathan to pay attention because he was so excited his dad was watching him. It was really cute:) The best part was when Nathan was able to show dad how he can go under water and swim to mom. The kids and mom's circle around the teacher, while singing a song, she will take each child, hold them up and then dive them underwater to swim (glide) to their mom. It was Nathan's turn and he was really excited and did GREAT! I was even amazed at how well he did. Steve was so excited about him going underwater, after the class was over we had the teacher do it again with Nathan and took a 6 frame shot of him swimming under water. I have still have to load the pictures and many more.

Steve left about a hour ago to TJ, so it will be just me and Nathan for a month. Not too excited about that but with his swim class, weekly lunches and friends, it should go by fast...well we hope!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Swim class, green chair, hair cut and dad's leaving

I decided to enroll Nathan is a swim class Tues/Thurs for about a hour. His little friend started the class and so we went last week to try it out and Nathan just loved it! So now we have that to do 2 x week, which leaves Nathan nice a tired for his afternoon nap. The class is really fun with songs, games and swim basics. It is in Spanish, so it makes for some fun with my singing and making sure I am understanding the directions. They usually start the class with a circle of all the kids and moms and take each kid one-by-one and dunk them underwater to swim to their mom. It sounds pretty crazy, but they all actually do really well. Nathan is getting better and not getting too much water in his mouth from being way to excited when the teacher takes him for his turn. So we are having lot's of fun in swim class.

I finally found a little chair for Nathan to call his very own. He loves to climb on the couches, so I figured he would probably enjoy his own chair. It is light green and he can use it from 1-6yrs, so will see how that goes. So far he loves it and will watch some shows on it.

Yesterday we took Nathan to get his 2nd haircut. This time we took a little bit more off the bottom and top. He just sat there the whole time, being such a good baby (big boy). He looks soooo handsome (well I am his mom) and soooo big! He looks like his dad with light hair!

We are getting ready for Steve to leave for a month to TJ, Mx for his clinicals. He is really excited about going since they allow the students to do more hands on work. We, on the other hand, are not so excited. I am happy for him for the experience, but am a little nervous about the area and we will miss him like crazy!!! So I will be acting as a single mom (again) for a month! I went back and forth over going home, but seems like we just got home and settled and I have such great friends over here, it makes leaving hard. So I think Nathan and I will be ok, but we will miss da-da.