Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Swim class, green chair, hair cut and dad's leaving

I decided to enroll Nathan is a swim class Tues/Thurs for about a hour. His little friend started the class and so we went last week to try it out and Nathan just loved it! So now we have that to do 2 x week, which leaves Nathan nice a tired for his afternoon nap. The class is really fun with songs, games and swim basics. It is in Spanish, so it makes for some fun with my singing and making sure I am understanding the directions. They usually start the class with a circle of all the kids and moms and take each kid one-by-one and dunk them underwater to swim to their mom. It sounds pretty crazy, but they all actually do really well. Nathan is getting better and not getting too much water in his mouth from being way to excited when the teacher takes him for his turn. So we are having lot's of fun in swim class.

I finally found a little chair for Nathan to call his very own. He loves to climb on the couches, so I figured he would probably enjoy his own chair. It is light green and he can use it from 1-6yrs, so will see how that goes. So far he loves it and will watch some shows on it.

Yesterday we took Nathan to get his 2nd haircut. This time we took a little bit more off the bottom and top. He just sat there the whole time, being such a good baby (big boy). He looks soooo handsome (well I am his mom) and soooo big! He looks like his dad with light hair!

We are getting ready for Steve to leave for a month to TJ, Mx for his clinicals. He is really excited about going since they allow the students to do more hands on work. We, on the other hand, are not so excited. I am happy for him for the experience, but am a little nervous about the area and we will miss him like crazy!!! So I will be acting as a single mom (again) for a month! I went back and forth over going home, but seems like we just got home and settled and I have such great friends over here, it makes leaving hard. So I think Nathan and I will be ok, but we will miss da-da.

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