Thursday, August 13, 2009

Showing off my swim skills

Today we, both Steve and I, got to take Nathan to his mommy & me swim class. Nathan was really excited to show his dad all his swim skills. He was so excited that at times I had to get Nathan to pay attention because he was so excited his dad was watching him. It was really cute:) The best part was when Nathan was able to show dad how he can go under water and swim to mom. The kids and mom's circle around the teacher, while singing a song, she will take each child, hold them up and then dive them underwater to swim (glide) to their mom. It was Nathan's turn and he was really excited and did GREAT! I was even amazed at how well he did. Steve was so excited about him going underwater, after the class was over we had the teacher do it again with Nathan and took a 6 frame shot of him swimming under water. I have still have to load the pictures and many more.

Steve left about a hour ago to TJ, so it will be just me and Nathan for a month. Not too excited about that but with his swim class, weekly lunches and friends, it should go by fast...well we hope!

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