Thursday, November 12, 2009

Major Update!!!!

Wow it has been months!! I can't believe how time has slipped away and I have neglected our little blog. Let me start with Sept.....

September: Well, it started out counting the day's until Steve came home from doing his rotation in TJ, Mx. We were soooo excited for him to come felt like month!!! We ended up receiving some very sad but expected news, that Steve's grandmother had passed away. She was ill for some time (heart failure) and lost her battle, September 7, 2009. We headed to the funeral service in California the 14th. It was a nice service and nice to see everyone....she always brought the family together:) Nathan and I stayed in Cali with my parents until October....little vacation!

October: Since Nathan and I were in Cali the last part of September-mid October, we were able to do a lot! We went to Clovis Fest, Fresno Fair, Pumpkin Patch, Park, etc... It was sooo much fun to be home and do 'Fall-like' things. We came home Oct 22nd and so excited to see Steve!!! Halloween came and we do a trunk-or-treat with the 'wives club' for all the kids. It was ton's of fun and this year we dressed up as the "rocker's". Nathan was Steve guitar (Steve was the rocker) and I was a 'rocker chick'. Nathan and Steve won best outfit in their age/gender.

November: I can't believe that it is mid November!!! So far nothing too exciting, just been enjoying family time and catching up with friends. Nathan started his swim class again (this will be his last month). Steve has been studying for his Step 1 test (Dec 8th or 10th). I have been enjoying cooking again and getting the house back in order. I can't wait for the holiday's and for Steve to be done with his test, so we can FINALLY have a Christmas with no books!!!!

I am going to be better about keeping up with this blog, it is fun to look back at the old blogs and see what we have done. Pictures to come.....