Friday, March 12, 2010

Trompo Majico and Costco

Wow...I never knew how fast Nathan could run until we took him to Trompo Majico today. Trompo Majico is a interactive children's museum her in mom's love it (kids too)! So we woke up this morning and decided we were going to take the little guy out and finally show dad what Trompo Majico was ALL about! Nathan took off running as soon as we got there, running from station to station, never looking back once to see if we were still around. It was really funny to watch him play, touch and interact with the little kids there. It was a fun day, but man, it wore me out...the kid can run! (I forgot the

After we were getting kinda hungry so we decided to head to Costco so we could pick up some things and a slice of pizza (bad I know). Steve card ended up being expired, so he updated his and I FINALLY got my own card as well. So no more getting the whole, "Is the primary card holder with you" deal. My first and hopefully last Mexico Costco card, hahaha!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ok..ok...I am back!

It has been wayyyyy too long since I have done a blog! I vow, to keep it updated from here on out....well...I am going to try realllllyyyy hard! Where should I start???

We found out early December that we are going to be expecting another little one Aug 16th! We are sooo very excited and can't wait! Nathan loves to lift my shirt to see my belly and say, "Baby, baby" and then gives the 'baby' a kiss. Really sweet and I have a feeling he is going to be a great big brother! We went last week to our monthly visit and we thought it was a boy, but now that we have looked over the sonogram we are not really sure what it is??? I just think Steve is messing with my mind, with that it could be a girl! So, I am sticking to my idea that it is a boy and will be surprised if it is actually a girl. As long as the baby is healthy then we are blessed.

We went last month on a little long-weekend vacation to Puerto Vallrta with our friends, "the Contreras Family". We stayed at a condo, that was just AMAZING!!! Nathan had such a good time with the kids and playing in the pool. He had no fears and was in and out of the pool just like the big kids. It was so nice to get out of town, head to the beach with great friends and actually NO study time!!!

Which leads me could I not mention this first....Steve PASSED his Step 1 test!!! We are soooo very happy and proud of him!!! It feels so nice to have my husband and dad back. Since passing his test, he is allowed to do the hospital rotations and is just loving it! Although he does have to get up really early (4:30am) to be there at 6:00am, it is well worth it. He actually just finished his rounds and is now "off" for 9 weeks! So this week has been the first, and Nathan is just loving it! However, pretty soon Steve will be back to study mode, for the Step 2 test!

Valentines weekend we had some special visitors come! My Gammie and Mom came to visit for the long weekend. It was sooo much fun, showing them around and eating like crazy! I had to show them our favorite spots where we love to eat. They brought Nathan new clothes and not to mention some new toy's...a play tent with tunnels. Nathan just loves it and loves to pull you into his tent to play. It was a great weekend and we were sad to see them go, but were so blessed that they were able to visit us!

Now, this past weekend, my mom and dad came to visit! After my mom's trip and pictures she had took, my dad had the itch to visit. He found some really cheap tickets for the weekend. Again, Nathan was soooo excited and loved every minute with his grandparents! My dad had such a great time building blocks, playing with toy's and walks around the block with Nathan. My mom and I were having the best time eating at our favorite places! We both share a love for great food, hahaha!! Steve was happy that they could bring some baby things for us and take a bunch of my kitchen things back with them to the states (even though packing was not that fun). It was a short trip but well worth the time spent. Opps...forgot expensive mom called the next morning to tell me they arrived back home, however, without their camera. I guess my dad left it in the GDL airport???? Uh oh dad!!!

Nathan started swim classes again...which he just loves! I love the time it gives us out of the house and able to do something together, just Mommy and Nathan time! He is getting soooo big and learning new words everyday! He started last night saying, "what...what"?? It is really cute and funny to hear his little voice and watching him enunciate his "t's". He also dances to EVERYTHING!!! Any song that comes on the TV or that we play around the house will get the little guy going. He is a great kid and we love him to death! Can't get enough of Nathan...we are really grateful and blessed to have him.

I can't really think of anything else that I can sum up over the past few months. I am sure I will think of some things, but for now you can get caught up with this news. Pictures to come, I have to load them from Steve's computer.