Friday, March 12, 2010

Trompo Majico and Costco

Wow...I never knew how fast Nathan could run until we took him to Trompo Majico today. Trompo Majico is a interactive children's museum her in mom's love it (kids too)! So we woke up this morning and decided we were going to take the little guy out and finally show dad what Trompo Majico was ALL about! Nathan took off running as soon as we got there, running from station to station, never looking back once to see if we were still around. It was really funny to watch him play, touch and interact with the little kids there. It was a fun day, but man, it wore me out...the kid can run! (I forgot the

After we were getting kinda hungry so we decided to head to Costco so we could pick up some things and a slice of pizza (bad I know). Steve card ended up being expired, so he updated his and I FINALLY got my own card as well. So no more getting the whole, "Is the primary card holder with you" deal. My first and hopefully last Mexico Costco card, hahaha!!

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