Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter and Daddy is gone....again!

This year the Easter Bunny brought not one but two Easter baskets for both boys! Nathan and I have been reading a book this month about the Easter Bunny and how he drops off the baskets to all the kids and make the eggs for them. So the night before, I tucked him into bed and told him, "Maybe the bunny will bring you and Jordan baskets tomorrow for Easter?"  He seemed very excited and it was lights out for both boys that messing around. Jordan woke up that morning, so I was able to feed him while Nathan was still sound asleep. I ran and placed the baskets on the front porch and ran and got the camera before he woke up. I snuck into his room while recording and woke him up and told him to run to the was Easter! He was so excited his little legs were shaking as he saw the baskets through the front door window. He grabbed the baskets, brought them inside and went to town on the goodies! It was so fun to see the excitement on his face!

Later in the afternoon, the sun was out and super nice. We headed to the park for some sunshine and fun! Nathan was able to fly his kite with daddy and Jordan got some swing time. Poor little baby was so tired, he just about fell asleep while swinging at the park. Nathan had tons of fun with dad...they are little buds!

Nathan had some issues with his bubble blower, so the boys helped daddy fix it.

With that, we had to say good-bye to Steve...again! This time he will be gone for a whole 5 weeks and we are counting the days until he comes home. He left to Dallas, TX for some study time for the Step 2. We miss him like crazy but we are soooo proud of him and all that he has accomplished! So I am single-mom-ing it until his return! So much harder to be away now that Nathan is older and asked where daddy is and then says, "I miss daddy." Breaks my heart and Steve's! So until June 4....we are trying to stay busy! Nathan has his first swim lesson this week and then my parents are coming for a week visit the end of the month!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nathan, Jordan, Park

This past week we celebrated some 'first's'. Nathan decided one cold morning that he was going "somewhere" and put his shoes on all by himself. He was so proud that he did it, even though he put them on the wrong feet. It was so cute to see how proud he was, so we didn't even mention they were on the wrong feet and he wore them that way for a good part of our morning.

Yesterday I was feeding Jordan his bottle on the couch and I hear Nathan scream with excitement from his room, "Mommy, I built the tracks. Come play tracks with me." I ran over and was so excited to see that he put all his tracks together and they looked pretty good too! He was so proud, so we got the camera out and I made a big deal out of it. He was so excited he looked in his closet mirror and kept saying, "I did it!"What a big boy we have now!

Jordan had some "first's" as well. It may seems silly but to a mom we have to count all first's, so Jordan went from a crawl position to sitting up! He is not crawling yet but has begun to get on all fours and can crawl I guess that is something right? I also gave him some table food the other night, broccoli and mac n' cheese...he loved it! No teeth yet but he enjoys food!! Oh, how could I forget...he has discovered clapping his hands together.  So fun to see him change everyday....can't believe my baby is 8 months!

Steve left Friday and comes home Thursday! He left back home to take his clinical portion of his boards, so we are all alone for a week! I have been trying to keep busy but it gets hard since the weather has been cold and everything around here is so expensive! Yesterday we woke up to fog that broke into beautiful sun and blue skies! I took the kids to the park at noon and they had a blast! Nathan loves to just run and see how many "friends" he can find. I love to sit back and watch him with the kids...he is like his daddy and not afraid to strike up a conversation and make new friends.  Jordan got to swing for the first time yesterday. I didn't push him too high since it was kinda cold but he loved just sitting in the swing hanging there. Nathan thought it was pretty cool that he was doing big boy things.

My mom and dad sent the boys their Easter cards and they both loved them.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Park, Potty and Daddy's tired....

This past Saturday we hung low for the day and snuggled inside. The weather was so nice last week and this week it brought some more snow (barley enough to coat the ground), rain and chilly day's. It has been sunny but very brisk, so Nathan is begging to go outside since he see's the sun and beautiful blue skies, only to learn it is, "too cold to go outside." So after naps we loaded up in the car and took a drive to see the harbor about 3 min from where we live, Harbor Island. I was surprised to find a really cute pirate/boat themed park and a cute walking path by the water with a little sandy beach for the summer! We got out and bundled the kids up, hats and jackets. I go to reach for my jacket and.....nope not there...forgot it on the couch at home! Well that didn't stop us (well me really) and we were off to explore the new park. Steve went and watched Nathan at the park while I went for a little brisk (very cold) walk with Jordan to see the water and beach part of the harbor. Nathan had a blast and poor Jordan looked cold. We can't wait until it starts to warm up here and we can find so many more things to do outside! Picnics in the park are going to be fun!

March 23, 2011 is the day I started Nathan on the potty! The first day was sooooooo hard with lots of  'accidents'. I figured it was time and no better time like the present. There were lots of clothes changed, huff's/puffs from mom but now at the end of the week he is doing GREAT! We are so proud of him and today we picked up some boxers just like daddy..his little buns are so cute, hehehe!! Oh, we have to give credit to Thomas the train pez dispenser, without him, this would not have been possible, hahaha!!

Poor Steve has been working like a dog lately. He is in his surgery rotation and is up at 5:15am, out the door at 6:00am and home by 5:30-6:00pm every day...not to mention the one- 24hr shift every week. He actually goes to bed at 8:30-9:00 some nights! Nathan and Jordan miss him so much and just light up when he walks through the door when he comes home...priceless smiles on their faces...and mine! Life of a Doctor...we are so proud of him and getting use to what is to come....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Funny Faces...

Jordan has been changing everyday and lately he has been making this funny scrunch-nose face. So here it is...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Photo shoot, St. Patty's and Curious George...

Since Steve bought me a really nice camera for my birthday/Christmas/Anniversary....I have no reason to take the kids to get their pic's taken professionally (well, that is what he tells me..we sill do). I set up the "studio" in our room and did the best I could to capture Nathan at 2 1/2 (little over) and Jordan at 7 months (wow is he 7 months already). Both sessions took about 3-5 min each...I really need a assistant, hahaha!! Tying to keep Jordan from rolling over and to get him to smile was a task and to get Nathan to sit still and give a semi "normal" smile...whew! Children photographers have talent!!!

The weekend before Saint Patrick's Day there was a parade in White Plains, so we thought...well I thought it would be fun to get out and check it out. We were an hour late and had to drive around look for parking and speed walk to the end of the parade to catch the end. All the time I was freaking out at Steve, "We missed it, I know we did!" This is when I love Steve and he is always calm and knows just how to make it in time...we made it and it was...ok!! No, it was fun, but there are only so many bag pipers you can take!

On St. Patty's Day, I was talking to my mom and telling her how Nathan was eating his green mac n' cheese and Jordan was in his festive shirt. Only for her to tell me, "Tomorrow is St. Patty's day!" I got all ready a day early but oh well the kids had fun, hahaha! We got some inspiration and ideas from Auntie Katie and made a rainbow!

Sat we had a family fun night at the Children's museum in Connecticut. Curious George came to visit the kids! We started out with a Curious George book reading followed by an appearance by George himself and a meet and greet! It was so fun to see all the kids excited and in true Nathan style he was the first kid to run on stage and meet George, "Hi George, oh hi!"

Friday, March 11, 2011

One year ago....

Last night I was sitting down as my husband was watching his Lakers play and came across my blog. I had a hard time getting into the thing as I guess they had changed some things with blogger? Anyway, I obviously got in and couldn't believe that it was exactly to the date a year since my last post. I was laughing at my vow to keep it up posted below, hahaha!! Ok so now that we are kinda settled and I am going to see where this blogging can go?