Monday, March 21, 2011

Photo shoot, St. Patty's and Curious George...

Since Steve bought me a really nice camera for my birthday/Christmas/Anniversary....I have no reason to take the kids to get their pic's taken professionally (well, that is what he tells me..we sill do). I set up the "studio" in our room and did the best I could to capture Nathan at 2 1/2 (little over) and Jordan at 7 months (wow is he 7 months already). Both sessions took about 3-5 min each...I really need a assistant, hahaha!! Tying to keep Jordan from rolling over and to get him to smile was a task and to get Nathan to sit still and give a semi "normal" smile...whew! Children photographers have talent!!!

The weekend before Saint Patrick's Day there was a parade in White Plains, so we thought...well I thought it would be fun to get out and check it out. We were an hour late and had to drive around look for parking and speed walk to the end of the parade to catch the end. All the time I was freaking out at Steve, "We missed it, I know we did!" This is when I love Steve and he is always calm and knows just how to make it in time...we made it and it was...ok!! No, it was fun, but there are only so many bag pipers you can take!

On St. Patty's Day, I was talking to my mom and telling her how Nathan was eating his green mac n' cheese and Jordan was in his festive shirt. Only for her to tell me, "Tomorrow is St. Patty's day!" I got all ready a day early but oh well the kids had fun, hahaha! We got some inspiration and ideas from Auntie Katie and made a rainbow!

Sat we had a family fun night at the Children's museum in Connecticut. Curious George came to visit the kids! We started out with a Curious George book reading followed by an appearance by George himself and a meet and greet! It was so fun to see all the kids excited and in true Nathan style he was the first kid to run on stage and meet George, "Hi George, oh hi!"

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