Monday, March 28, 2011

Park, Potty and Daddy's tired....

This past Saturday we hung low for the day and snuggled inside. The weather was so nice last week and this week it brought some more snow (barley enough to coat the ground), rain and chilly day's. It has been sunny but very brisk, so Nathan is begging to go outside since he see's the sun and beautiful blue skies, only to learn it is, "too cold to go outside." So after naps we loaded up in the car and took a drive to see the harbor about 3 min from where we live, Harbor Island. I was surprised to find a really cute pirate/boat themed park and a cute walking path by the water with a little sandy beach for the summer! We got out and bundled the kids up, hats and jackets. I go to reach for my jacket and.....nope not there...forgot it on the couch at home! Well that didn't stop us (well me really) and we were off to explore the new park. Steve went and watched Nathan at the park while I went for a little brisk (very cold) walk with Jordan to see the water and beach part of the harbor. Nathan had a blast and poor Jordan looked cold. We can't wait until it starts to warm up here and we can find so many more things to do outside! Picnics in the park are going to be fun!

March 23, 2011 is the day I started Nathan on the potty! The first day was sooooooo hard with lots of  'accidents'. I figured it was time and no better time like the present. There were lots of clothes changed, huff's/puffs from mom but now at the end of the week he is doing GREAT! We are so proud of him and today we picked up some boxers just like daddy..his little buns are so cute, hehehe!! Oh, we have to give credit to Thomas the train pez dispenser, without him, this would not have been possible, hahaha!!

Poor Steve has been working like a dog lately. He is in his surgery rotation and is up at 5:15am, out the door at 6:00am and home by 5:30-6:00pm every day...not to mention the one- 24hr shift every week. He actually goes to bed at 8:30-9:00 some nights! Nathan and Jordan miss him so much and just light up when he walks through the door when he comes home...priceless smiles on their faces...and mine! Life of a Doctor...we are so proud of him and getting use to what is to come....

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