Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter and Daddy is gone....again!

This year the Easter Bunny brought not one but two Easter baskets for both boys! Nathan and I have been reading a book this month about the Easter Bunny and how he drops off the baskets to all the kids and make the eggs for them. So the night before, I tucked him into bed and told him, "Maybe the bunny will bring you and Jordan baskets tomorrow for Easter?"  He seemed very excited and it was lights out for both boys that messing around. Jordan woke up that morning, so I was able to feed him while Nathan was still sound asleep. I ran and placed the baskets on the front porch and ran and got the camera before he woke up. I snuck into his room while recording and woke him up and told him to run to the was Easter! He was so excited his little legs were shaking as he saw the baskets through the front door window. He grabbed the baskets, brought them inside and went to town on the goodies! It was so fun to see the excitement on his face!

Later in the afternoon, the sun was out and super nice. We headed to the park for some sunshine and fun! Nathan was able to fly his kite with daddy and Jordan got some swing time. Poor little baby was so tired, he just about fell asleep while swinging at the park. Nathan had tons of fun with dad...they are little buds!

Nathan had some issues with his bubble blower, so the boys helped daddy fix it.

With that, we had to say good-bye to Steve...again! This time he will be gone for a whole 5 weeks and we are counting the days until he comes home. He left to Dallas, TX for some study time for the Step 2. We miss him like crazy but we are soooo proud of him and all that he has accomplished! So I am single-mom-ing it until his return! So much harder to be away now that Nathan is older and asked where daddy is and then says, "I miss daddy." Breaks my heart and Steve's! So until June 4....we are trying to stay busy! Nathan has his first swim lesson this week and then my parents are coming for a week visit the end of the month!