Friday, July 10, 2009


Nathan and I finally made it back to Guadalajara yesterday morning. Our flight left at 1:00am and we got in at about 6:15am (Mex time). We finally met Steve at 7:45am, after waiting in the customs line for over and hour! Yup since I was traveling with Nathan and by the time they gave me my stroller, I ended up in the back of the line that consisted of 2 other flights that had come in the same time as our flight. If I didn't have Steve picking us up, I would have been pissed for waiting so long but I just stood knowing that we were going to get to see him, so it made it better.

Nathan is adjusting well to being home. He was very excited to see da-da. Nathan is figuring out the house again and realizing that the tile floors hurt more when he falls rather than the carpet he was use to at Gammie and Grandpa's house. He attempted to go up the stairs but with simple, "No" he stopped and came down. So, it seems he is happy to be back.

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