Monday, July 20, 2009


Let's see where did I leave off on our last blog..... Well last week, Nathan and I met up with two other wives with there boys for a little play date. Nathan had such a good time and I was very happy he got to play with some other kids for a change since leaving my parents house. I was so proud of Nathan, he stacked 3 blocks up and seemed very interested in playing with them. I know this seems silly but when you are a parent you love to watch your child meet their developmental milestones.

Last Friday night, Steve had a potluck dinner for his "bosses" from the hospital where he did his clinical's for the past 4 weeks. I made a few dishes, so that was fun for me...I love to cook! Nathan was such a trooper being out past his bedtime. Everyone took turns holding and playing with him, so he was very spoiled by his da-da's friends. It was a good time, but since it was kinda late, this brought up the idea of looking for a trustworthy babysitter.

Saturday, we woke up later than usual and soon decided to give our new friends a call to go visit a little town near by for the day. We went to a town about 45minutes away called, Telaquepaque (I think I spelled it right). It was nice to get out for a bit and look at all the different art work and not to mention some good food. We ate at a cute little place called, "El patio". Steve and I shared the enchiladas and a was good! It was a fun day with friends!

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