Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Park and Sit

I know I am lagging on the pictures but my computer is a bit old (6 years) and I have no memory for pictures. So in order to load any pictures , I have to delete some things to make room....sad I know.

Yesterday we went to the park across the street from our house. It is a small park but fun to walk around and now that Nathan is getting bigger, he can play on some of the toys. Nathan and I have been to this park before, but this time he got to take his da-da along and show him how he can swing on the big boy swings (with mom holding him of course). He also spun around with Steve in this thing that is kinda like a "Tea Cup" but doesn't look like one. He had a blast at the park for a total of about 10minutes. We had to cut it short due to the storm that was coming (it is raining season here). So next time I will take some pictures and hopefully we will spend some more time there.

This weekend I am on a mission to find Nathan his own little seat he can sit on. At my mom's house, she has a little seat toy-thing the kids play on and when we were there Nathan just loved it! So over here at our house, he will climb on the couch and find a way to sit on all his big toys. I found him last night and this morning sitting on his toy garage car set. He thinks it is pretty funny and it is, hehehe!!! So let's go find a seat!

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